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Studio E: The Epilepsy Art Therapy Program

We are excited to offer Studio E: The Epilepsy Art Therapy Program to people with epilepsy in the Greater Los Angeles area! 

Studio E offers group art therapy session for individuals with epilepsy, allowing them to explore their creativity, meet others with epilepsy and express themselves in an open, accepting and safe group setting. Art is a natural way to communicate, relieve tension and express emotions. During the program, participants work with licensed art therapists using a varitety of artistic media, including painting, sketching and sculpting. Because some things are easier to "say" through art, Studio E provides people impacted by epilepsy a unique opportunity to express themselves and open up about their experiences.


For more information about the Studio E program, or to enroll in this year's sessions, contact Rebekkah by email, call 1.310.670.2870 x103 or complete the online interest form


Studio E is made possible through an ongoing partnership between Lundbeck, a pharmaceutical company committed to helping people with epilepsy, and the Epilepsy Foundation. To learn more about the Studio E program or see artwork generated during previous programs, visit YourPartnerinEpilepsy.com