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Shining Stars

At the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles, we think kids with epilepsy are more than just your average bunch—they're Shining Stars! Often, children and young people with epilepsy find themselves feeling isolated and misunderstood. The Shining Stars Program specifically recognizes all kids with epilepsy as Shining Stars, making them feel special and showing them that they are not alone by connecting them with other Shining Stars in our region.


What are the Benefits?


Shining Stars receive:

•  A Shining Star Certificate and Medallion
•  A quarterly E-newsletter especially for Shining Stars and their families
•  Special offers and invites to events of the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles
•  Exciting opportunities to connect with and meet other Shining Stars and their families
•  ...and more benefits to come!

Most events for children with epilepsy are hosted by the Shining Stars Program and vary from year to year depending on interest and funding.Please join Shining Stars so you can stay informed and be notified when there are new events! You can also check the Upcoming Events Calendar to browse for opportunities to get involved. 


How to Apply


Becoming a Shining Star is free and easy! Anyone with epilepsy under the age of 18 is welcome to join.

Sign up by completing this online application form today. 

Parents are also welcome to apply on behalf of their infant or child with epilepsy. After all, the earlier we combat isolation by connecting children and their families, the better. If you are applying on behalf of a little one, we invite you to share a little about your family's interests and hobbies.


Contact | Michelle Bareng | 310.670.2870 ext.102 | Email