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To deliver much-needed care to improve health and life outcomes for individuals and families affected by epilepsy, the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles leads two efforts to END EPILEPSY: improving Specialty Care and providing Supportive Care.



Specialty Care


To improve access to and quality of specialty care in a region that is experiencing a shortage of specialists, the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles facilitates the referral process and funds the training and work of new pediatric neurology/epilepsy specialists and epilepsy specialty care programs at major medical centers. Our "Care And Cure For Children" initiatives fight to END EPILEPSY by improving access to specialty care and by pursuing research for cures for childhood epilepsies. The intent is based on the fact that there are far too few pediatric epilepsy specialists in our region and there are still no cures for the epilepsies.


Click on each the following to learn more about our four-pronged efforts:


> Training and supporting specialists in pediatric epilepsy
> Specialty Care Grants in pediatric epilepsy
> Referrals to Care
> Care and Cure for Children – Epilepsy Benefit Dinner



Supportive Care


To improve quality of life, combat isolation and empower, the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles offers supportive programs and services and promotes networks and connections. Click on each of the following to learn more about our efforts to support the epilepsy community:


> Monthly End Epilepsy Group (EEG) Meetings

> Community Connect  (Referrals to local resources, organizations, meetups, and more)

> Financial Assistance (Emergency Assistance Fund & College Scholarships)

> Programs and Events for everyone:

> Shining Stars
> Summer Camps
> Family Picnic
> Family Holiday Party
> Sibling Network
> Winter Retreat for Adults


To see what’s happening and join us at our gatherings, check out the Event Calendar!


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