Support Networks

A program of the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles, the Network helps connect adults of all ages with a diagnosis of epilepsy who want to come together for mutual support and sharing, to learn more and to exchange information. The program purpose is to empower adults with epilepsy, improve quality of life, combat isolation and unite together in the fight to END EPILEPSY. Joining the network will allow you to participate in entertaining upcoming events and activities to give all involved an opportunity to help contribute, plan, learn, and socialize to the extent each person wants.


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Inspired and supported by our board member, Joseph Abrahams, the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles has helped launch a Sibling Network to help connect and support those who have siblings with epilepsy. We recognize the very real stresses of living with chronic illness in the family and realize that siblings also need support, particularly from others who understand -- others who have siblings with epilepsy. Through the Sibling Network we hope to provide opportunities for mentorship, socialization, and personal growth.

If you are (or know) a sibling of someone with epilepsy who wants to join the Sibling Network, please contact us.

Contact | 310.670.2870 | Email




Therapy Groups

Each Therapy Group is comprised of individuals with similar interests or characteristics who meet periodically to gain support and education, and benefit from an opportunity for two-way sharing in an understanding, empathetic group setting. Each group and even each gathering may have a different topic or focus but, over a period of time, participants will benefit from the mutual therapy, education, socializing, self-help, and idea-sharing that occurs. Please join a Group if you desire to learn more and/or connect with others and to information. 


Currently, our therapy groups occur on every Second Sunday of the month in conjunction with the Second Sunday Seminar. As a result, please be advised that all Groups currently meet at the same time and therefore you may only attend one End Epilepsy Group at a time.


·      Adult Therapy Group

Coordinated by Dr. Richard Daims, Neuropsychologist

·      Family & Friends Therapy Group 

Coordinated by Laurette Hayden, MA, LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Other Groups under development as interest is expressed. To join a Group or ask questions, please contact us.

Contact | Rebekkah Halliwell | 310.670.2870 ext.103 |  Email.





Find other types of support groups in your area, plug into online groups, get connected to peer mentors, and obtain local community resources through Community Connect---a service the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles that strives to connect people affected by epilepsy to other people, groups, and organizations in their community that may operate independently from  the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.


(Disclaimer: While we encourage such networking opportunities, the Foundation does not bear responsibility for the content, meeting, or advice provided by these resources and encourages participants to independently evaluate.)


·      Self-Help Valley Group for Adults with Epilepsy
Meets the first and third Friday of every month in the Los Angeles Valley. 
Please call 310.670.2870 for details.

·      Hoag Epilepsy Support Group
Hosted by Hoag Hospital 
For information, call 949.764.8430 or visit Hoag Hospital's website

·       Siblings of Epilepsy - Facebook Network


·      Other community events (i.e. Conferences, Fairs, Seminars, and more) 
We provide updates on other exciting local events in the Community Connect section in our email newsletter. To receive these updates, submit your email in the sign-up box near the top right corner of this page.  


To join a group, attend an event, find out more about a resource or suggest a resource, please contact us.


Contact | Rebekkah Halliwell | 310.670.2870 ext.103 | Email