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Speak Up

Speaking up is essential if we are going to END EPILEPSY. Talking about epilepsy, what it means, and how it affects your life can change the tide and can lead to understanding, acceptance, and support to END EPILEPSY. Every day, the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles hears inspirational stories about people tirelessly working to END EPILEPSY in their lives.

11 Ways to Speak Up about Epilepsy:

1.  Learn more about epilepsy.

2.  Tell people about your epilepsy.

3.  Write an email or letter (feel free to use our template)

4.  Share Youtube Videos

5.  Share our Facebook Status Updates and Links to your friends OR Retweet our Twitter Updates to your followers

6.  Retweet our Twitter Updates to your followers

7.  Talk about your personal experience at an End Epilepsy Group (EEG) Meeting

8.  Help host a seizure recognition and first aid training at your campus, workplace, or community.

9.  Volunteer or Participate at one our awareness-building events:

•  End Epilepsy Team

•  Walk to End Epilepsy

•  Speak Up/Speak Out! Public Policy Institute

•  November Epilepsy Awareness Month

10.  Submit your very own epilepsy story today! (Email us or post one on our Facebook Fan Page)

11.  Write to your local elective representatives about the need for epilepsy awareness and funding.


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