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Epilepsy California Needs Your Feedback! 

Parents, school nurses/personnel and doctors - please help us develop a Diastat Guide.


Epilepsy California (Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles and Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego) is currently working with the California Department of Education and California School Nurses Organization to create an effective family, school and community information program regarding SB 161-Emergency Medical Assistance: Administration of Epilepsy Medication (Chapter 560 California Education Code). The Diastat Guide will provide clear accurate information and resources to parents, teachers, school administrators, school nurses and doctors regarding the delivery of this important life-saving medication for some students with epilepsy in California schools.


The purpose of this survey is to gather baseline information regarding people’s experience with Epilepsy/Diastat in California schools. If you are a California parent, school nurse/personnel, or doctor, your feedback is very important. 


Please take the survey at 



We encourage you to share and invite your community to complete the online survey as well. You can share the survey through a variety of ways – share on social media outlets (facebook, twitter), send by email, include in an online newsletter, post on your website and more. To request hard copies of the survey by mail or for questions, please contact Laura Thrasher, Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles at lthrasher@endepilepsy.org or 310.670.2870.


Thank you for your partnership and support!