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Challenge of '7' Campaign

The Challenge of '7' Campaign is inspired by a father's tireless efforts to give back to others.

In 1977, Steve Sitomer's son, Brian Alan, died during a seizure at the age of 7. Almost 20 years later, Steve dedicated himself to ensure that children and their families connect with one another for support, and have access to important information and resources. To do this, Steve made several bike rides throughout California and across the country and ran multiple marathons to raise money and awareness for epilepsy. Steve has also spent 10 years directing our Teen Retreat program, volunteering at Family Camp, and supporting the Brian Alan Sitomer Memorial Resource Center. 

On March 17, 2013, Steve will cross the finish line of his 7th Marathon and shortly thereafter celebrate his 70th birthday. He will use both as a means to increase awareness and funds for the fight to END EPILEPSY...all in memory of his 7 year old son, Brian Alan.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles invites you to applaud Steve's efforts by supporting the Challenge of '7' Campaign in your own unique way. Consider finding 7 ways to spread awareness or raise $77 or $777 over the course of 7 days or 7 months in honor of Steve and in memory of his son, Brian Alan. Many of you have met Steve, but for those that have not had the pleasure, we hope you enjoy this brief online Photo Gallery.


One person can and will make a difference. Be one of the many participating in the Challenge of '7' Campaign


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